5 Ways to Start Living Your Life

Stop thinking about others and start thinking about yourself.

As each New Year comes it provides an opportunity to reflect on the years that have passed. The past can be a key tool when used correctly.  For instance, it reaffirms passions and goals. When you look back and find yourself consistently striving for the same things from life; you get a sense of who you are and what direction you are heading. However, even though you know the destination you may feel you haven’t made much progression towards it. Here are some tips that may get your gears moving and start progressing and accomplishing your goals.

1. Stop Thinking of Others

Your life cannot be dictated by others. More often than not, the first barrier you reach on your journey to success is fear of the opinions of others. My father once told me “What other people think of me is none of my business”. At first, I found it funny but there is a lot of wisdom contained within it. There is nothing wrong with listening to the input of others but ultimately any decision you make for yourself should come from yourself. In the case of goals, narrow your focus and take actions that will lead you to them. Do not allow your focus to get knocked.

2. Discover Your Morals

Once you stop living with the opinions of others in mind. Ask yourself “What are my morals?”. Start each morning reminding yourself who you are and what you stand for. Do not change yourself for others, always stay true to yourself. A person should never have an adaptive personality. That is, acting a certain way for certain people. Sincerity is greatest quality anyone can have. It is a centred quality and once you are true to yourself and aligned with your morals you will find you are less likely to make bad decisions or find yourself in bad environments.

3. Do What You Want To Do

So, you’ve stop caring about what others think and you’ve become confident of who you are and what you tolerate. It is now time to start doing what you want to do. This sometimes means going against the grain. There is not point in going to a party when you’re not in the mood or study with friends when you rather study alone. When you do things you don’t want to do, you will naturally enter with negative attitude. This is unfair for you and those around. Start doing what you want to do, you will discover and experience more and find opportunities that will get you to your goals.

4. Prioritise the Right Things

It is important that you always prioritise the right things at the right time. Finding balance in life is an unproductive objective. It is more important to ensure you are prioritise the things that matter to you in life. On the road to success, make time for your friends and family. Do not neglect you or the environment around you. Think of the people and hobbies that make you happy and never lose sight of them. Always keep sacred those who are important to you.

5. Start Now

Life is not a function that is, you can’t live by the motto “if X, then Y” “If I have €1,000,000, then I will be happy” or even worse “when”. The concept of “when I have an expensive camera, then I’ll start posting to my portfolio”. These are self constructed obstacles which have no benefit. If you have a dream, start working towards it. period. Purge the “ifs and whens” they will serve no purpose. You have to start and try things out, this is probably the most vulnerable stage when pursing any goal but most vital. Is is through the act of doing that separates you from everyone else.

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